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Mechanical processing

Steel Pallets, iron shelves, production and execution of iron pallets

Pallets are used in chocking, transporting, containing a large quantity of goods in the factories; help the enterprises to save the maximum areas of storage houses and yards, to prevent white ants/ wood eaters or humidity

HDT is the biggest production organization of Steel Pallet  in the North.Steel Pallets are mostly used in the feedstuffs production Factories. Although the initial investment for Steel Pallets is big, the Steel Pallets are strongly resistant, easy to repair, improve and specially prevent the item package tears, in the long term bring the large advantages and profits to the Contractor

We are the supplier of many types of Pallets for the big groups in the field of feedstuffs production such as: Cargill, Greenfeed, Japfa Comfeed, Livabin...

Steel Pallets have many different sizes depending on designs and item stowing loads of each partners

Contact us at this hotline: 0914.348.828

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What do Steel Pallet use?

Steel Pallet

Steel Pallet

Steel Pallet

Steel Pallet


                     Steel Pallet


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