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Mechanical processing

Steel Pallets, iron shelves, production and execution of iron pallets
Pallets are used in chocking, transporting, containing a large quantity of goods in the factories; help the enterprises to save the maximum areas of storage houses and yards, to prevent white ants/ wood eaters or humidity
Pre-manufactured steel houses – Steel structures – Workshop steel frames
HDT Limited Company is a professional organization of: Design, Construction execution, producing and installing types of Pre-manufactured steel frame houses with the aperture of 10-180mm, with products that guarantee the safety, quality and progress satisfying all the customers
Iron fences; producing, constructing and repairing iron fences
HDT specializes in producing, constructing iron fences for factories, for buildings, mansions, houses with gardens…with many styles, technical patterns, establishing the trademark advertising logo on the iron fences
Iron, stainless steel handrails, building handrails of traffic works, mansions
HDT specializes in producing, building iron, stainless steel handrails for factories such as staircases, waste water treatment tanks
Constructing box culvert lines, garages, advertisement poster frames…
HDT undertakes to produce, build other box culvert articles such as garages, factories, B40 net frame separating production block, B40 net frame of electric power plants, houses with gardens...
Bins, Tanks, factory water towers, pipe conduit; production and construction
We produce, implement and install the systems of Bins, Tanks, water towers to contain water, petrol in factories of production