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Construction of industrial plants

"HDT considers customers “work as our own work”. With the team of excellent senior engineers and professional workers, HDT undertakes the work safety, work quality, work progress and the best maintenance services

Construction of office blocks, showrooms, restaurants, brasseries, townhouses

HDT is an organization of packaged construction of townhouses, restaurants, showrooms… consisting of capital construction, electricity – water, air-condition, finishing paint

Mechanical processing products

In order to support the best workshop construction, HDT takes the initiative in directly producing, processing, and manufacturing the mechanical products for the factories such as: workshop steel structures, iron pallets, fences, box culvert lines, factor

About us

HDT always regards customers as center, customers’ work as HDT’s work. HDT continuously make the creativity and innovation in construction technology as well as in business activities to meet the customers’ needs at maximum
HDT highly thinks of human values; always creates the friendly working environment and safety at work
The biggest difference of HDT to the other construction companies is that HDT directly produce the mechanical products serving for building projects, industrial projects to reduce the cost price and take the initiative in progress of work such as:  pre-manufactured steel houses, steel structure frames and floors, garages, steel fences, factory gates and other auxiliary devices. 
HDT always desires to bring about the best values and services in construction and industry field to the Customers.